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The majority of amulets for love fail when the amulet chosen doesnít fit for purpose. The buyer thinks all of them are equally good, while in fact magic accessories are all different, even if they have the same name. For example, every amulet is able to influence only one specific target personality and is ineffective for all other personality types.

Egyptian amulets influence only kind and compassionate people, people who are willing to make sacrifices for the sake of others, people who associate love with care and self-sacrifice. Besides, they canít influence people with thick energy. This energy is usually seen in overweight people and people whose lifestyle involves little to no physical activity. People should work with such amulets during the day too, because the sun tends to make them stronger.

European magic amulets are multifunctional magic products, yet youíll make a mistake if you count only on their help. To take full advantage of your European magic amulet, have it charged by the magic practitioner who made it by performing a special ritual to tune the amulet into your energies so it could meet your specific needs.

Gypsy love amulet is good for hot tempered people. From the astrological point of view, these are usually people born under the fire signs. Gypsy amulets are great for passionate people and donít really work for calm and peaceful people as it tends to cause depression and mild psychosis in them.

Runic amulets are almost never used to attract women. They can be effective only if their target is a man. Also they may be used by women who want more than just a short-term love affair, women who are interested in a serious relationship or a marriage.

Voodoo amulet for love is a gris-gris. Its power depends solely on the ingredients itís filled with and your diligence in working with it Ė you should work with it on a regular basis adjusting it to make certain changes in your future. This amulet is good for people who have known the target for a long time (more than six months) and donít mind spending the rest of their life with this person.

Buddhist amulets are great to create short-term love affairs which donít lead to anything. Those who want more, which we believe is the case with you, shouldnít use them.

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