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AFRICAN SPELL CASTERS They have ancient, almost primeval values and their spells are intended mostly for everyday problems. They rarely cast love spells because relationships created with the help of African shamans are quite peculiar. A person under an African love spell literally loses a part of their soul and some mind, too. They do not turn into zombies like they show in movies about zombies, yet they do not really belong to themselves anymore. They are controlled by spirits dictating them what to feel and think. African shamans specialty is money and revenge. However, best-case scenario, they will help you make it to the middle class. At the same time, they are the best when it comes to revenge.

HAITI SPELL CASTERS or VOODOO SORCERERS They are the protectors and keepers of the above described African magic traditions. However, they have modified them a little adding some Catholic touches to them. There is one difference though, many of those who call themselves shamans and voodoo spell casters are liars. The problem is this type of magic is quite spectacular visually which makes it easy to mislead the viewer. Yet it is quite easy to tell a con man from a real sorcerer, professional sorcerers almost never work online.

GYPSY WITCHES Traditionally, Gypsy men do not practice magic. Magic is considered to be a womens job. Yet we should give credit to modern Gypsy witches because you can hardly find anyone better. Gypsy witches specialize in money magic, good luck magic, curse and hex removal, curing childrens diseases (especially psychological and energy diseases). Love spells are not common for them. At the same time, they are very good at break up spells and turning people against each other, even if they really love each other.

Just like voodoo, Gypsy magic is dangerous too. Voodoo is dangerous because clients have to deal with evil, cruel, greedy and always hungry voodoo spirits, while people paying for Gypsy magic services should be ready to deal with family Gypsy egregors. These are powerful entities which help those serving them but take advantage of those who do not, taking their health and energy in exchange for their help.

ASTROLOGISTS They are also magic practitioners but they can not change your fate. Their job is to tell you when you will be lucky or find love and what you should do to not miss it. These verified spell casters are good for those who want to be rewarded for their work. However, there is one disadvantage. Remember that all problems and hardships you encounter are intended to make you better, purer and stronger. Astrology allows avoiding most of life hardships but you still have to go through them. So at one point all the problems you have managed to avoid will happen to you all together. So instead of solving them one by one, you will have to deal with all of them simultaneously, which means you will probably fail. The consequences of such failure include devastating physical and mental health effects and a broken fate.

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